Angry Birds RIO : Reaching a total of 1 Billion Downloads

Welcome to Angry Birds Rio - the third video game of the Angry Birds series.

This game is available free of cost on Google Play Store (For Android Devices) and Apple App Store (For iPhone and iPad).

Download it Now and Enjoy!

Angry Birds RIO

Blu and Jewel have been kidnapped. You have to rescue them by hitting the cage. It is a mission. Download Angry Birds Rio and learn how to play it.


Angry Birds RIO 2

After the huge success of Angry Birds Rio, its second version has been launched in 2014. It is based on the movie RIO 2. Play the game to resue Blu & Jewel.


Download Full Game

You can download Angry Birds Rio (1st and 2nd Version) on your Android mobile phone, Apple iPhone as well as on MAC PC. It is available absolutely free of cost.


RIO The Movie

Rio The Movie is a 3D animated musical comedy movie launched in 2011. The movie is about a blue macaw bird named Blu and female bird named Jewel. They fall in love and the story begins. Read about the story and reviews of RIO the movie.


RIO 2 Movie

After the great success of Rio The Movie, RIO 2 was launched on 11 April 2014. Blu and Jewel are enjoying life in Rio with their 3 kids. The story begins when they are hunted in the Amazon rein forests. Watch RIO 2 online.